4Cause Foundation is a 100% kids and parent volunteer driven non-profit organization with mission to help the world’s most vulnerable children with their rights and basic need for education, food, health, and safety.

Our vision is to see a world where each kid across the globe is connected, encouraged, and empowered to build a better, brighter and happier world.

Our goal is to create a strong platform and sustainable framework, where local kids, parent volunteers, and community partners come together to support a common cause of better kids’ future.

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50,989 Children

What We Do?

4Cause Foundation is a Charlotte based organization of local kids and parent volunteers who are drawn together by a deep desire to help kids from one of the most vulnerable sections of our society. We as a foundation emphasize on providing basic and developmental needs of these children.

This group of impacted children which needs critical and immediate help has not only seen the most recent growth but also hugely impacted due to increased influx of refugees, cross-border migrations, and higher incidence of abandoned or not-cared for children due to not having a right family and social support structure.

The goal of the organization is to create a strong sustainable foundation and support structure, where local kids, parent volunteer, and community partners join forces to create a strong community and youth leadership based programs to raise awareness for this critical cause but also to supports local talent development programs and FUN raising events.










How do We Operate?

We are 100% volunteer driven organization. We are a charity organization that is run majority by kids and for kids. 4Cause Foundation aims to help kids by leveraging on the positivity, talent and energy of kids and their parent sponsors.

We host and organize fun social events and other engaging sessions so that funds can be raised for the benefit of kids who need the most. By helping the young and needy kids, we are also inculcating the practice of giving among kids, starting from a young age. We make use of creative and fun methods to help them make it a habit.

Our online marketplace also allows kids to showcase their talent, so that they can sell and raise money for their supported cause. In the marketplace, you will see that the products or services are exclusively designed and developed by the kids based on their skill and they are not selling third party products.

What Causes do We Support?

4Cause Foundation is about supporting kids rights and basic needs – education, health, food, and safe. We fund programs and charities that support these 4 causes, and hence our name 4Cause. However, within these four basic needs kids are welcome to choose the charity (501c3 registered) of their choice, and the money raised will go directly towards this organization. We primarily work with children who are shelter less, such as refugees, immigrants or unaccompanied children from all over the world.

How do local Kids Benefit?

4CauseFoundation offers a path for youth (elementary to high-school) to learn how to ignite an idea, spark a talent, and follow-it through to make it a lifelong passion and skill for them to continue as the embark into professional world. While following their dreams they always are reminded of the less fortunate, and they learn early the art of giving and sharing, and how they can directly contribute to the well being of the worlds future.

What Kind of Events We Do?

We are only limited by kids talents and their desire to innovate and create. Our upcoming events are broadly categorized into 4 kinds: 1. art, music, & fashion 2. engineering & technology (STEM subjects) 3. sports & fitness activities, and 4. baking and food related. However, as we add parent volunteers and talented kids we will expand to other fields.

Where do the Funds go?

This organisation is about kids, and we take pride in saying 100% of the funds go towards helping kids. For any money raised through 4Cause events or on-line shopping store, the nominated charity or cause gets 50%, and the local kids get 50% of it to keep towards their materials, labour or any other professional; services used to put together the event.



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